The House

A real legacy
In the 19th century, Albertine and Martin OUDART, grandparents of Étienne OUDART, settled and bought a thirteen-hectare farm in Brugny, that then remained with their son Gabriel. He took over the farming business with his wife Yvonne and bought another thirteen hectares of land, giving their sons Etienne and François a potentially fantastic activity of 26 hectares of land, including 1Ha20 under Champagne appellation.
A devoted life
In 1958, Etienne plants the vines on this surface of 1Ha20. He looks to the future, waiting three years for his vines to produce. Accompanied by his wife Juliana, the couple, passionate and voluntary, decides to champagniser, signing a symbolic step: the marketing of champagne under the brand "Champagne Etienne OUDART". Both devote their daily life to it: Juliana develops the clientele by writing to her relatives in Belgium and France, Etienne buys land to extend the vineyard and the potential of production.
A balanced and respectful winemaking
Since 1958, the vineyards of the House are rooted in the terroir of Coteaux Sud d'Epernay and the Marne Valley. Their production is concentrated from decades to decades, refining their grapes to what they have most essential: quality. The culture of the vineyard is constantly renewed. A reasoned practice, combining new technologies and traditions, adapts with respect for nature and biodiversity.
The pursuit of a family legacy
In 1988, Jacques, eldest son of Juliana and Etienne, joined the House following a viticultural training, working alongside his parents as head of culture. In 2006, he took over the family business and led, with heart and professionalism, the inherited brand and transformed little by little this heritage into a remarkable vineyard of 9Ha25, distributed between Brugny and Essômes-sur-Marne.
A smart, durable and certified winemaking
For Jacques, 2nd generation on the estate, the key is to leave time for the vines and their fruits to reach an optimal balance, rich in sugars and aromas. It is naturally for this purpose that he chose a reasoned viticulture, work rewarded in 2018 by obtaining certifications "Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne" and "High Environmental Value".
The birth of a project
In real investment of life, his activity combines passion and love. Met during the harvest, Karinne, his wife, has worked with him for more than thirteen years. Both have founded a family and especially a project in the continuity of the life of Champagne Etienne OUDART, that of "Manoir des Arômes".